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PetalMD offers many online services allowing
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Doctor Caroline Michel, cardiologist at the Jewish General Hospital, shares her experience with the PetalMD platform.

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Doctor André Kokis, Chief of the hemodynamics department at the CHUM, shares his experience with the PetalMD platform.

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We Changed Lives

  • “PetalMD provides safe, secure web-based scheduling, incorporating all of your duties into one schedule. You provide the parameters and they will make it work.”

    Dr. Bruce Lubelsky
    Director Division of Cardiology, North York General Hospital

  • “I was most impressed by the comprehensive nature of our interaction with PetalMD. Specifically, PetalMD is much more than a piece of software. What made our scheduling work so well was the interaction with the programmers and professional staff at PetalMD. Sitting down with PetalMD staff and the PetalMD software made creating our complex schedule straightforward.”

    Dr. Gary Newton
    Division of Cardiology UHN/Mt.Sinai

  • “PetalMD has become much more than a schedule management solution, it truly helps our physicians to save time.”

    Dr. Isabelle Bertrand
    Emergency Physician

  • “Since our team began using it, I’ve been able to transfer the entire management of my professional and personal activities to the PetalMD calendar, which is synchronized with my iPhone.”

    Dr. Frederic Morin
    Head Rheumatologist

  • “PetalMD also provides remarkable customer service; its representatives made sure that the system was seamlessly implemented.”

    Dr. André Kokis and Dr. Jean-François Gobeil

  • “Our entire team of doctors was trained on the system within minutes, and we unanimously recognized the benefits of implementing this type of scheduling and communication system.”

    Dr. Robert De Larochellière
    Cardiology Department Head

  • “Our physicians and our administrative assistant are unanimous in their opinion: PetalMD makes it easy to manage scheduling changes—it even contributes to our physicians’ quality of life.”

    Dr. Marie-Maud Couture
    Head Emergency Physician

Combine Products and Save Even More Time!

Family Practice Groups Hospital Departments

Group Scheduling

Build group schedules, manage equity rules, publish updates, allow physicians to exchange on-call duties online.


Centralized Scheduling

Consolidate ALL department schedules across your hospital.


Event Scheduling

Organize and promote events, manage registration.

Collaboration Tool

Share, discuss and organize content and events related to continuous medical education.

Secured Messaging

Send private and secure messages to one or more colleagues.

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    • UHN
    • St.Mary’s General Hospital
    • Grand River Hospital
    • Glazier Medical Centre
    • Mount Sinai Hospital
    • CHUM
    • North York General
    • L’Hôpital de Montréal pour enfants
    • Institut universitaire de cardiologie et de pneumologie de Québec
    • la cité médicale
    • CSSS Laval
    • CHU Sainte-Justine
    • Clinique Saint-Louis
    • Hôpital Montfort
    • Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur de Montréal
  • CHUM

    “I can’t even imagine going back to our old ways of doing things. The PetalMD platform gives me the level of efficiency I was looking for in order to produce quickly and reliably schedules for my group.”

    Department of Cardiology CHUM

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  • CSSS Gatineau

    “PetalMD is the only integrated system to connect the doctors’ reality and the hospitals’ reality”

    Centre de Santé et de Services Sociaux de Gatineau

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