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View your hospital’s on-call list wherever you are

Hospital Dashboard

Hospital Dashboard Benefits

  • Stay informed in real time
  • On-call list easy access
  • Improve departments coordination
  • Communicate efficiently with all staff
  • Share confidential information safely

Improve efficiency and reduce costs of hospital operations

PetalMD is a cloud-based application featuring productivity tools for healthcare professionals: scheduling, shift transfers, secure messaging.

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Hospital Dashboard - Productivity solutions for hospitals

Provide everyone with an updated on-call list

The hospital dashboard allows staff to view and access the hospital’s on-call list in real-time. Updated on-call lists ensure staff always call the right doctor. This eliminates errors, reduces response time and provides direct communication with on-call physicians.

On-call dashboard

Stay informed in real-time

With a real-time view of a hospital’s on-call list, all staff can reach the right physician at the touch of a button, wherever they are. With scheduling tools and easy access to vital information, this portable web-based solution ensures maximum efficiency within hospitals.


On-call list easy access

Information is easily accessible by all staff and can be viewed differently depending on the user type. Phone operators, hospital direction, physicians and hospital staff can all have different views of the on-call list. The updated list is available on the secure web-based platform and on the iPhone app. A live phone directory provides accurate contact information that is accessible from anywhere.


Physician scheduling

Improve departments coordination

Each department receives the standard scheduling tool that is accessible on any device. The department on-call lists are automatically synchronized to the hospital dashboard, eliminating the need for manual transcriptions and outdated paper copies.

Communication center

Communicate efficiently with all staff

Hospital management can create and send secure messages to hospital staff by selecting all staff, a list of recipients or individuals. This is essential when information regarding emergencies needs to be communicated quickly and privately throughout the hospital.

Communication center

HIPAA-compliant secure messaging

Share confidential information safely

This provides direct physician-to-physician communication where all documents and information shared complies with HIPAA, PIPEDA, PHIPA and other privacy and security standards. Some strict security safeguards include: data encryption at all levels, secure private server with backup, strict security protocols, and third-party security audits.

Hôpital Montfort: Improving Performance with Modern Technology

Hôpital Montfort: Improving Performance with Modern Technology

An Ontario hospital has recently adopted a cloud-based scheduling solution to solve their on-call scheduling challenges.

PetalMD’s hospital on-call scheduling dashboard and secure messaging tool has allowed the hospital to:

  • Gain efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Provide a scheduling tool to all departments
  • Improve patient care coordination
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